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Kind words from our clients

"We now have our memories saved from our wedding from 1986 and also our daughter’s early years. I was worried the tapes were deteriorating but now I don’t have to! I was worried our original tapes would get lost so I’m glad we found someone local that would care for them and they wouldn’t be shipped out.

Everything was done in a timely matter. The cost is affordable and I felt confident throughout the process. I was informed throughout the process!"


Charlotte, NC

"Kathy was incredibly easy to work with. Everything was very straight forward and mostly done through email. She was quick to respond and the whole process went very quickly. It has been so special to look back at these videos many of which I didn’t even know existed, and experience these memories all over again! can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and what she does for them. I will continue to work with her moving forward!"

Bethany E.

Charlotte, NC

"Kathy did a wonderful job helping us organize years of photos for our family and our business. The task was overwhelming for us, but she did a great job of bucketing the different photos by category and year, along with backing up everything on an external hard drive. 

We always wanted to have photo books, but our daily lives were simply too busy to try to organize and style the project to fit together. Kathy took on the task of organizing a 5 year Birth-5th Birthday photo book that we were able to share with our family members. The gift of memories was more than anyone expected, and Kathy pulled together an amazing product that everyone will cherish for years to come."

Christina H.

Charlotte, NC

"Hire Kathy to help you immediately!  I wish I would have done this about 5 years ago so I could have enjoyed more time looking at my photos and enjoying the creative process of making albums.  She will give you the tools you need and the resources that make it simple and effortless. 

 The benefit I am experiencing now is peace of mind!! I am so encouraged that all my photos are in ONE place and that I can get to them at any time.  From the first time we talked, I felt this huge weight lifted off of my shoulders because I knew that Kathy was going to hold my hand step by step and take me through the process of organizing my photos.  We were in the crossfires of multiple computers, multiple sites, flash drives, CD’s, and iPhone storage for pictures.  Kathy systematically took me through a plan of one by one getting my photos together.  The long-term benefit for me is so that I can eventually make album books of our family to have forever.  She is so responsive and would make time for all of my questions and technology hiccups.  No problem seemed too big for her.  She would figure it out with me!!   

I felt like my photos were too far gone, too scattered, and that no one could help me.  I did not know someone like Kathy existed until I got so frustrated with my own lack of knowledge and organization that I googled “photo organizer”.  I was shocked that there was an association and this person was willing to actually help me over the phone.  We later used zoom to share computer screens and that was a game changer as well.

The best part of working with Kathy was this sense that she was going to help me get to the finish line with my photos.  I appreciated her knowledge and her years of experience to know what would work best to meet my personal goals.  She listened to my desires with my photos and would actually remind me of that when I would get off track.  She kept me focused on the goals that I mentioned in our first conversation about my ultimate desires with my photos. 

More than anything it is the peace of mind. I cannot stress that enough. Just knowing someone was there to direct me and help me get my photos into one place lifted a weight that I could not have articulated was there. 

Kathy has been such a blessing to me, and I look forward to continuing to work with her on all our videos and albums!"

Carmen A.

Mount Pleasant, SC

"The benefit of working with Kathy is she is very knowledgeable about her craft and we can now enjoy years of memories that were languishing in a box on our closet shelf. Our pictures and 8mm tapes sat in a box because we were fearful to send them in the mail to an outside company. Knowing Kathy was the catalyst that got us to move on with the project.

Not only is Kathy a good listener, but Kathy is also gifted in patience, knowledge and confidence to get the job done. She has a good working relationship with the outside vendors she works with to complete the project.

Kathy also had lots of creative ideas that I would not have considered and made our project of not only recreating memories that were lost in a recent fire. But as a family being able to watch with today's technology so many other family memories."

Linda P.

Indian Land, SC

"As most people, I have a lot of photos!  I had to ask myself how I might organize these photos into a meaningful collection of memorabilia.  Because my mother had recently passed away, I was especially focused on preserving her treasured memory for our family, with particular emphasis on her recipes of delicious foods she’d made for us.  So, I thought, “Why not create a cookbook of her favorite recipes?”

When I discussed this subject with my friend, Kathy Solka, whose business “Photos2Stories” includes organizing photos, I first thought I’d have to type all these recipes.  But thanks to Kathy’s creative expertise, her suggestion was to scan the recipes written in my mother’s handwriting to capture Mom’s essence, history and love of cooking and baking.  Even those cards that had faded with age -- or stained with past drops of something she’d made – belong to her memory.

I found a software option online to create a family cookbook, which turned out to be quite a challenge for me.  So I recruited Kathy and her experience of computer and software skills along with her sophisticated scanning equipment to allow us to create an image of both the front and back of each recipe onto one page.  Fifty-nine recipes later, along with a number of photos and a couple personal notes about my mother, my family and I now have printed keepsakes to share among her six children, her children’s children and theirs to follow.  Her treasured memory lives on in her recipes and our hearts.

If you’re in the same quagmire of trying to organize your own photos, I’d recommend you contact Kathy Solka at “Photos2Stories” to create and preserve your own beautiful memories.  I promise that you’ll be delighted with the results."

Mary Jean C.

Indian Land, SC


Kathy was very sensitive to helping me emotionally in dealing with 18 years of old family photos and what to keep. I could not have done it with out her! 

Pat H.

Greenville, SC


She did an excellent job! I recommend Kathy to all my friends.

Alisha B.

Waxhaw, NC

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